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When will I be charged in full for the first time?
When will I be charged in full for the first time?
Updated over a week ago

After the end of your first month, your subscription will automatically renew and continue into the next month. 

The card that you used to sign up for the subscription will automatically be charged one month from the date your advertisement went live on Google.  If you've taken advantage of our first month offer, this is when you will be charged in full for the first time.

You also have the option to upgrade or downgrade your account, as long as you do this before your billing date. 

We'll inform you of your billing date via email when we launch your campaign. Your card will be charged on the same day each month*. 

If you wish to avoid being charged again, you must cancel the subscription at least one day before the auto-renewal. You can see your auto-renewal date under the Subscription section on the Account page of your Get Work Account. 

*The date is subject to slight variation. 

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